Ceramic cat water fountain - Urdiz

Urdiz is a start-up founded in 2021 By fatima ezzahra
khafif. We are specialized in the production of ceramic cat water
fountain. We want to stand out by highlighting the convenience of our
fountain through the quality of ceramic and its elegant design.
day, our research and development teams, our marketing team and our
customer service agents listen to our community to optimize our services
and improve our products.

Thanks to the hygienic design & ceramic material, you don't need an expensive filter and you can save up to 154.20 € per year.

Cleaning & maintaining the cat water cooler is simple:

Just change the water in the cat water cooler once a week. And once or twice a month, you can put the cat water fountain in the dishwasher, the 3 towers can be removed and replaced very easily. You can shoot the towers from above. But if your cat tries to flip the towers from the side, they won't move much. We've worked a long time to make sure that the towers are firmly anchored in the formwork, but that they can also easily be removed from above. The towers are hollow from below, so the inside is washed in the dishwasher. So you just have to put the 4 elements in the dishwasher and your cat water fountain will be like new.