Ji-MEWOI ™ - Original game

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Interactive Cat Toy Ball

     Simple high society vibe that is like listening to kittens.
     Cats can play on their own without affecting your work. (This product requires two AAA batteries, but this product does not include batteries)
     Hang it on the table, fix it on the cat table, play with the cat and take the cat to exercise.
     After the toy is triggered, it can be turned off automatically for about 5 minutes, or the button can be turned off again while the toy is operating.
     The fur ball can be replaced with other toys and your cat will love it.


Real rabbit hair


  • Great way to release your cat's energy and get more exercise, keeping your cat fit and happy!

Strong rope


      Made from high quality carbon fiber, our goal is not to break even if your cat is playing rough.

Superior quality


  • Made of high quality ABS material, safe and non-toxic, durable.